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We listen to you - It is your special day and you have probably been dreaming about this for years.  So the first step is to listen. No detail is minor and nothing is to crazy.  We are fans of the spaghetti model.  Take a handful of spaghetti, throw it at the wall, and lets see what sticks.

Based on your feedback we really do work on event that will be special to you!  Forget the "we  hear


Let us do the leg work and bring together a team of professionals that are experts in their fields.  From culinary delights, to outstanding florists, to some of the best entertainment in South Florida.  We organize the event into workable and relatable tasks.  Taking each section one by one until your vision becomes a reality while always keeping in mind your budget.



The wedding is not over at the end of the night!  Your in the moment and you do not want to worry about where your veil ends up, or the top of the cake, or a million other little things.  That's our job ... to ensure everything makes it back to your room safe and sound!

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